Who We Are

Co-pothecary is the lovechild conceived by partners, Candice and Courtney. During the pandemic, they had space to get back to doing the things they love. For Candice, that meant returning to daily runs, and for Courtney, researching ways to incorporate more natural products into her life. 


A few months into lockdown, Courtney began experiencing pain and numbness in her legs. All of a sudden, having to deal with chronic pain she began searching for a non-prescription alternative to relieve her discomfort. 


Candice, on the other hand, is a distance runner who has experienced great gains by way of logging lots of miles. Looking for something to help with the occasional aches and pains from training, she purchased an hemp extract salve. After sharing her displeasure with the results and price point with Courtney, they knew they could create something better for both of them! 


After hours of researching natural skincare and testing ingredients, they found a formula that created noticeable pain relief. Making sure they weren’t experiencing a placebo, they handed free samples to friends, families, and even strangers they met on walks! 


Before they knew it, family and friends were requesting the balms on a regular basis. They launched Co-pothecary in order to share their all-natural and effective balms made with organic and top quality ingredients.